The Best Banks & Credit Unions in Missouri That Offer Second Chance Bank Accounts

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BBVA Online Checking

BBVA is one of the most well-known banks for Missouri residents that are looking for a second chance bank account.

You can open this account with as little as $25 for your initial deposit.

Features and Benefits

  • Bad credit OK
  • Relaxed account opening requirements
  • Free ATM withdrawals on BBVA ATMs
  • Online and mobile banking facilities included
  • Customizable banking alerts
  • Available nationwide (except Alaska and Hawaii)
  • Member FDIC

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Right now, a free checking account at BBVA is the only trusted option for customers looking for a Second Chance Checking account with high approval rate and excellent features and conditions. Use this opportunity to rebuild your credit while having a bank account with no restrictions.

Local Banking Options

Following is the web's most comprehensive list of banks and credit unions in Missouri that offer second chance banking and which may approve you for a bank account.

Please note that any unsuccessful attempt to open an account may have a negative impact on your credit history and score.

To avoid this, please check if there are any proven, top picked solutions are available in your area (listed above) or on our page with best non-ChexSystems banks and other banking alternatives.

See more: Comprehensive List of Non-ChexSystems Banks

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Alliance Credit Union FreshStart Checking

Bank of Kansas City Opportunity Checking

Central Bank of the Midwest Fresh Start Checking

Columbia Credit Union Fresh Start Checking

Electro Savings Credit Union Fresh Start Checking

First State Community Bank New Opportunity Checking

Focus Bank Fresh Start Checking

Health Care Family Credit Union Fresh Start Checking

Missouri Credit Union Smart Start Checking

Montgomery Bank Montgomery New Start Checking

National Bank of Kansas City Fresh Start Checking

St. Johns Bank & Trust Fresh Start Checking

St. Louis Community Credit Union Second Chance Checking

Town & Country Bank Opportunity Checking

United Consumers Credit Union Second Chance Checking

United Credit Union Second Chance Checking

Vantage Credit Union Fresh Start Checking

Wood & Huston Bank StartFresh Checking

Woodforest National Bank

Form of Verification: Chexsystems and telecheck

Special Notes:

You must apply in person and they are very friendly to those reported to chexsystems

2nd Chance account is $7.95 if you have direct deposit $9.95 if you do not.

$25.00 one time debit card processing fee There is a 15.00 monthly fee FOR A BUSINESS ACCOUNT

However, in 6 months or less, the branch determines if you can move to a regular account or open a savings in addition to the second chance account, regular accounts, you can open immediately!(complimentary overdraft) requiring no credit will kick in after 30 days. It is $500 for direct deposit or $300 without it.

All deposits are available immediately

ALSO! Phone and Online banking are immediate overnight and they're open 7 days! They are VERY friendly and nice to those reported to chexsystems.

Email from Bank:

Before you can open an account with Woodforest National Bank we do run Telecheck and Chexsystems. If you have any unpaid closures reported by a merchant or another financial institution on either one of these reports you will only qualify for our Second Chance Checking account. You will be able to open an account with us as long as we are able to properly verify your identity and you do not have an unpaid charged off account with Woodforest National Bank.

Types of Accounts Offered: Second chance checking for personal and business accounts

Learn more about Woodforest National Bank

Community Bank and Trust

Form of Verification: ID

Email from Bank:

We do not look at check systems or any other program like that when opening an account. If you were to open your account online with us then it will pull information from your credit report to be able to ask questions to verify your identity. It wouldn’t matter what your score is or anything that’s on there is simply just uses it to verify that you are who you say you are.

Types of Accounts Offered: Personal checking, savings and business accounts

Learn more about Community Bank and Trust

First National Bank

Form of Verification: ID and SScard

Email from Bank:

We do not use chexsystems or a credit report to open a new account. However we do require a valid picture ID and social security card.

Types of Accounts Offered: Personal checking, savings and business accounts

Learn more about First National Bank

The Seymour Bank

Form of Verification: TeleCheck

Types of Accounts Offered: Personal checking and savings

Learn more about The Seymour Bank

U.S. Bank

Form of Verification: chexsystems

Special Notes:

It has been reported that if your report is 21/2 yrs or older, they will not even see it. If this is your situation you can apply online, if not, you would need to visit an “in store” branch.

Most US banks “in store” branches are giving accounts to most people on chexsystems. These are regular accounts, not 2nd chance long as you do NOT owe US Bank money and you are not reported on your chexsystems report for any kind of "fraudulent activity".

There are some branches that are still not using this policy so it might be a good idea to call a branch local to you and ask about their policy first before going in.

Some “in store” branches have signs that actually says “Chexsystems? no problem!”….yet others will not open accounts at all. People are approved everyday.

Types of Accounts Offered: Personal checking, savings and business accounts

Learn more about U.S. Bank

Century Credit Union

Form of Verification: Telecheck

Special Notes:

Yes, we offer simple business accounts. Basically, it is just like a personal account except we open it under the business name, we would need a tax I.D.# and your name would be the joint owner of the account.

Email from Bank:

At Century Credit Union we use Telecheck as our approval system for new accounts. If we obtain an approval from Telecheck then we open the checking account. If an approval is not available then we would offer to open a savings account only. We will only run your credit report when you apply for a loan thru us.

Types of Accounts Offered: Personal checking, savings and business accounts

Learn more about Century Credit Union

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