The Best Banks & Credit Unions in Delaware That Don't Use ChexSystems

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ChexSystems can be a real pain to deal with when you’re trying to get a bank account opened in your name. It was established as a system to monitor and screen people who are looking to open checking and savings accounts. But the side effects of this kind system can result in you being unable to open a bank account even if you haven’t done anything shady.

Fortunately, there are still more than a couple of banks in Delaware that don’t use ChexSystems for verification. We’ll be looking at some of these banks as well as what your options look like if you get flagged by ChexSystems.

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BBVA Online Checking

BBVA is one of the most well-known banks for Delaware residents that are looking to avoid ChexSystems verification (BBVA bank uses Early Warning Services to screen new applicants).

You can open this account with as little as $25 for your initial deposit.

Features and Benefits

  • Bad credit OK
  • Relaxed account opening requirements
  • Free ATM withdrawals on BBVA ATMs
  • Online and mobile banking facilities included
  • Customizable banking alerts
  • Available nationwide (except Alaska and Hawaii)
  • Member FDIC

Recommended For:

Right now, a free checking account at BBVA is the only trusted option for customers listed in ChexSystems or looking for a Second Chance Checking account. With a high approval rate and excellent features and conditions, this is a fantastic opportunity to get back on track and rebuild your credit.

Local Banking Options

Following is the web's most comprehensive list of banks and credit unions in Delaware that do not use ChexSystems and which may approve you for a bank account.

Please note that any unsuccessful attempt to open an account may have a negative impact on your credit history and score.

To avoid this, please check if there are any proven, top picked solutions are available in your area (listed above) or on our page with best non-ChexSystems banks and other banking alternatives.

See more: Comprehensive List of Non-ChexSystems Banks

Another note to add is that it's a good idea to get your free annual report and try to dispute ChexSystems.

This list also contains email responses from banks as well as applicants’ personal experiences and comments. This page is updated regularly, so please consider adding it to your bookmarks.


Form of Verification: Credit report and ID

Special Notes:

You DO NOT have to be military to get an account.

FSNB is now open to anyone regardless of being in their location. Take advantage of this while you can. It may not last. ** FSNB now uses a credit report and many people have been turned down due to credit issues ** They do not use ChexSystems or TeleCheck …most people are still being approved.

FSNB charges $1 fee for not using one of their ATM's, plus any 'foreign' ATMs.

You have to call them and ask for new accounts, telling them that you wish to open a new checking account application will be mailed out to you.

Types of Accounts Offered: Personal checking and savings

Learn more about FSNB

Del-One Federal Credit Union

Form of Verification: ChexSystems

Special Notes:

Report can not show fraud and MUST be paid.

Email from Bank:

When you pay an outstanding item, that institution will normally update ChexSystems, so that you are no longer reported there. If it is still showing on ChexSystems when we pull it for your new account, we would require proof that you have paid them in full (preferably a letter from that institution on their letterhead signed by one of their representatives). Please keep in mind that you will need to be eligible for membership with Del-One to open any type of account(s) with us.

Types of Accounts Offered: Personal checking and savings

Learn more about Del-One Federal Credit Union

DEXSTA Federal Credit Union

Form of Verification: ChexSystems

Special Notes:

Report should not show fraud.

Email from Bank:

Any report to ChexSystems must be cleared for 12 months.

Either the Paid In Full comment with the date, on the ChexSystems report; or the applicant must supply proof from the reporting financial institution.

Diane /MSR

Types of Accounts Offered: Personal checking and savings

Learn more about DEXSTA Federal Credit Union

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