ATL Federal Credit Union

  • 841 36th St SW Wyoming, MI 49509-3543
  • NCUA
  • Locations – 1

ATL Federal Credit Union Membership Eligibility

A.Employees and pensioners of transportation organizations, as follows:

1.ANR Advance Transportation Company and its subsidiaries which are located west of the U.S. Highway 27 in the state of Michigan
2.Grand Rapids Area Transit Authority, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

B.Employees or members of employer groups or other organized groups which are located within 25 miles of the credit union's main office, which office location is authorized as:

841 36th Street, S.W., Wyoming, Michigan.

Each group must provide a written request for service to the credit union. The Commissioner may permanently or temporarily revoke the power to add groups under this provision at the Commissioner's discretion.

C.Members of record as of the date of merger, as follows:

1.Transit Employees Credit Union, Grand Rapids, Michigan, effective November 1, 1984.

D.Any person over the age of 55 who receives a retirement annuity, pension, social security, or similar retirement payment from private or government sources, and lives in, or belongs to a retirement organization located in the county or in a county contiguous to the county, where the credit union's main office is located.

E.Employees of this credit union.

F.Members of the immediate families of the foregoing.

G.Organizations, incorporated or otherwise, composed for the most part of the same general group making up the membership outlined above.

H.A spouse of a deceased member if elected to membership prior to remarriage.