American Airlines Federal Credit Union

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American Airlines Federal Credit Union Membership Eligibility

Who is Eligible for Membership?

AA Credit Union started more than 75 years ago when a small group of American Airlines employees formed a financial institution dedicated to helping their colleagues. Today, AA Credit Union is open to anyone working in the Air Transportation Industry* and their families.

This includes:

All active or retired employees of American Airlines, Inc., American Eagle Airlines, or the Air Transportation Industry as described below:

Employees who work in the Air Transportation Industry in the United States, such as:

Employees of airlines or airports;
Employees who work directly in the administration, regulation or security of airlines, airports, or air transportation;
Employees of companies that have a strong dependency relationship with airlines or airports who work directly with:

Air transportation of freight, including freight forwarding for air transportation;
Air courier services, air passenger services, airport baggage handling;
Commercial airport janitorial services;
Commercial aircraft cleaning, maintenance, servicing, and repair services;
Commercial airport runway maintenance services; and
On-board airline food services.

Families: When you are an AA Credit Union Member, you can sponsor membership for your spouse, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren and permanent household members.

When does eligibility begin?

You can apply for membership as early as your first day of Air Transportation employment or any time afterward. You can open up a savings account with a $5 share deposit, and a one-time $1 membership fee.

And, once a member, always a member regardless of where you live or work.

*Air Transportation Industry does not include employees of retail shops, restaurants, travel agencies, hotels, taxicab services, car rental companies, airplane manufacturers; employees primarily engaged in ground transportation of freight (other than freight forwarding for air transportation), defense services companies, or employees of defense product manufacturers.

AA Credit Union is a registered trademark of American Airlines, Inc.